Across the state of Florida , real estate is stabilizing. South Florida and Central Florida  real estate prices are on the rise with many areas counties seeing a rise in median home prices since October 2012.

“Sales in Central Florida have been strong for the past year, but a sharp drop in the number of homes on the market is driving up prices while limiting options for buyers,” according to a recent article in The Sun Sentinel.

Still Plenty of Deals for Florida Real Estate Buyers

No matter what the local market is doing, the basic tenets of real estate remain unchanged:

You make your money when you buy. We say that Florida real estate is still a buyer’s market with plenty of bank-owned and undervalued properties to scoop up. With a little bit of savvy, you can negotiate the right deal for your needs. Even better, with the right Florida mortgage broker by your side, you can find the loan that allows you to successfully buy the real estate of your dreams.

Location, location, location. They just aren’t making any more land, folks. And no matter what is happening in the economy, real estate in Florida is still an attractive investment.

Now, add Florida real estate in the mix and the basics are even better:

–          Incredible lifestyle

–          Great beaches

–          Great climates

–          Great amenities

–          No snow shoveling…ever!

–          And no state income tax

When you combine all of that with the recent benefits of the current all-time low interest rates and state and federal incentive programs for buying and refinancing, how can you go wrong?

Think: Real Estate Florida!

Think: Universal Trust Properties!

Think: Successful Purchase.

From single family to multifamily, vacation home to primary residence, apartment buildings to commercial property, and very high-end to the more modest real estate in Florida, we are dedicated to helping you through the process and purchase of your desired Florida property.

Of course, you will also want to work with a great real estate professional that knows the ins and outs of the business and your local market. We’ve worked with many realtors over the years and there is something you should know before you select who will represent you: not all Florida real estate agents are created equally.

4  Musts from Your Real Estate Agent

He/She must…

…Know the area inside and out: market trends, street names, schools, amenities, etc.

…Communicate with you regularly, and return phone calls in a timely manner.

…Cooperate and work effectively with others in your team of professionals.

…Work for you, solely. You want to make sure you are working with a buyer’s agent.

Once we have determined your buying power in the Florida real estate market, we can put you in touch with highly qualified and professional agents that we trust to work for you. If you have a relationship with someone you trust, then we are happy to collaborate and work with your agent to facilitate a successful real estate purchase.

The 9 Step Process of Buying Florida Real Estate:

Step 1:      Decide how much you are able and willing to spend.

Step 2:      Get your loan pre-approved by your mortgage company first.

Step 3:      Determine what type of real estate you need and want.

Step 4:      Go shopping!

Step 5:      Make your offer and negotiate a contract to buy.

Step 6:      Do your due diligence (home and termite inspections, etc.)

Step 7:      Apply for your loan.

Step 8:      Buy your insurance. (Read the policies carefully. Hurricanes happen.)

Step 9:      Close the loan.

Step 10:    Celebrate! You are now the proud owner of Florida real estate.


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